“The new findings of the Aztec civilization provide us with a model of life to achieve fullness and enjoy excellent health”


Testimonials have been collected from different people after completing a course – workshop:

We had the opportunity to teach this 1st Course “Essence” in the East Prison of Cd. from Mexico with the participation of approximately 550 attendees, on December 7 and 9, 2016.
For us it was an unforgettable and valuable experience that we will all carry in our hearts. It was to bring a bit of the soul and customs of the Aztec people, which we know as a result of the research and studies that have been carried out over the last 30 years and that show what very little is known about it: the characteristics of a Civilization grandiose, of admirable principles and values.

Some of these testimonials

"It caught my attention because it communicates the values that should always exist and have been fundamental in our lives, as well as giving without receiving anything in return and speaks of love and respect and love for oneself and that Values are what guide my life but if I carry them out today I will realize that love has always been part of our existence, if I had not felt this in my life now. Thank you. "

Testimonial Anónimo (Presentación Reclusorio)

"The Aztec people were very united and supportive and had great virtue in respecting the beliefs of others and also loved life and death. This made me think about how important it is not to fear death because many of us do not know appreciate life, we think why I was born or what we are born for, we do not know how to live or how to die, more without change, they were more civilized people than us, you had more values and culture and love for life and that of their neighbors, for What I know was so much love for life that when they caused (an evil to) an animal they asked forgiveness for doing it and told them that they would take their body to feed them or feed their family and we do not have those values and we think that we are civilized, we are in a mistake, maybe they were older because of the way their parents raised them with respect, affection and also with a lot of discipline and thus they forged great warriors or farmers or parents and had the certainty that each child that was born was a pair of a new era and they would be great people and they would give the best they had so that God would love them as much as they loved him and they would give their heart and mind that would be the most beautiful thing they would give to their existence. "

Testimonial anónimo (El Pueblo Azteca)

"It seemed to me that the Aztecs appreciated life and like everything, they are governed by the rules, it seems good to me that they helped the children to develop the gifts they had. I liked the pyramid and the values they gave in the courses, it was a good course, hopefully it will be repeated more often. It seemed to me that we have good roots, good customs, the Aztecs had a lot of faith and love is faith and vice versa; they said that no one can love himself or others without having faith in himself and in others. "

Testimonial anónimo

"Loving ourselves does not mean cultivating the image, or worshiping as we are, rejoicing in all the qualities we have and the opportunity to live to optimize our faculties. This fundamental acceptance of our body (which of course we can transform and optimize to a certain extent) thus as of our intelligence and faculties (since we all have gifts) it will give us the peace that we long for. "

Testimonial anónimo (Reflexión)

Video testimonials

Testimonial of the course "Wellbeing"

Testimonial of the course "Essence"

Testimonial of the course "Essence"

Testimonial of the course "Essence"

Testimonial of the course "Essence"

Testimonial of the course "Essence"