TEMAZCAL, Medicine Traditional
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Discover the wonders of Holistic Health through the Temazcal
Ancient and alluring, visits to the Temazcal are sacred moments of growth and well-being – a deep detoxification and meditation affair focused on aligning the body, mind, and soul to a common goal: to feel good and be good. This ancient medicinal practice has survived the passage of time and has expanded all over, inviting everyone, everywhere, to discover its benefits and participate in a unique experience – something freeing, nourishing, and harmonious with the surroundings. Treat yourself for a moment and breathe in the air of change; let the atlachinolli – Burned, achinolli; water, atl– relieve you of all sorrows as you sweat them away and detox your body thoroughly. Get rid of everyday blights, stimulate your muscles, and free your mind in a revitalizing and restorative experience. “Temazcal: where holistic health and spiritual well-being converge”
Beneficios temazcal lamding temazcal plenitud azteca, Plenitud Azteca – Llevamos la plenitud a la mentalidad y vida de las personas
Relieves premenstrual discomfort
Contributes to lose weight
Helps eliminate toxins
Promotes blood circulation
Cleanses the digestive system
Dystrophy muscles
Reduces bone problems
Filters the airways Encourages introspection and reflection
Decreases liver disorders
Reduces the size of ovarian cysts
Relaxes the nervous system
Reduces stress and anxiety
Solves menstrual irregularity problems
Tones the foot
Recommendations for the Temazcal
For you to thoroughly enjoy this medicinal and ceremonial practice, we recommend the following:
Fast, or refrain from eating for at least three hours before attending.
Hydrate well. Remember that you are going to release toxins through sweat.
Dress appropriately, with fresh clothing and natural fibers (we recommend avoiding bathing suits or synthetic clothing). White color recommended. You should not enter with black color.
Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and open-toed shoes, such as sandals.
Try not to arrive hungover, drunk, or under the influence of any recreational substances.
Leave jewelry and metal objects at home.
Keep an open mind and heart; You are going to live a unique experience in tune with Mother Earth.
Benefits of the Temazcal
For the body
Eliminates toxins and promotes circulation; purifies the digestive system and respiratory tract; relaxes muscles; decreases bone and liver problems and menstrual disorders, such as ovarian cysts.
For the mind
Temazcal sessions reduce stress and anxiety levels, relax the nervous system, help reduce insomniac episodes, encourage introspection and reflection and provide an ideal space to meditate.
For the soul
The Temazcal is a moment of rapprochement between your being and nature. Aromatic vapors arise from organic herbs and the tales of the Calpitem, the session guide, are stories from the universe.