"The Aztec legacy: A Gift, a World Heritage Site"

"An old and at the same time a new vision of Being, of balance, of life."

About us

We are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the research, study and dissemination of Aztec wisdom, as well as the creation of Health and Human development programs that lead the population of Mexico and the whole world to achieve true well-being in their lives and create productive and just societies, based on ethical values.

Our research allows us to propose a paradigm shift in our way of living, by providing knowledge and tools to live a fulfilling life.

We seek that our programs help human beings to strengthen their health, as well as their thinking and attitude towards life, to achieve fullness in all areas of their life.

The Human Development Program, IC IZA – The Plenitude Challenge, and the Health Program Ca Ye Cualli, have been created, designed and adapted by the multidisciplinary team of Plenitud Azteca -formed by academics, professionals and businessmen- to update the knowledge of the wisdom of our ancestors, so that people can lead a life of balance and fullness in all aspects, and so that the societies of the world can build the world we yearn for.


Spread the wisdom of Aztec Civilization, so that it can have the respectable place it deserves in history and act as a reference in the creation of a new global vision which includes new knowledge and tools to strengthen people’s health as well as values and principles to achieve a positive transformation of people’s mentality worldwide.


Set up people´s well being as a priority of progress, including health and human development, emphasizing the importance of their creative, responsible, ethical and conscious participation to achieve a fair development of the world’s societies.